Keynote Speakers

SSBP 2024

Keynote Speakers

Confirmed Keynote speakers at SSBP 2024 will include (in alphabetical order):

Further keynote speakers will be announced soon - please check back for latest updates!

Professor Stewart Einfeld

Sydney, Australia

Stewart Einfeld is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. His clinical and research interests have been with children and families affected by developmental disabilities, especially where accompanied by behavioral and emotional problems. This has included research in clinical assessment, intervention monitoring, epidemiology, health promotion, and behaviour phenotypes of genetic syndromes. He has been a co-leader of programs designed to support families affected by developmental disabilities in remote communities and low and middle income countries.

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis_web
Professor Elizabeth Berry-Kravis

Chicago, USA

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis MD, PhD is a Professor of Pediatrics and Neurological Sciences and Director of the RUSH Pediatric Neurosciences F.A.S.T. Center for Translational Research at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  She established the Fragile X Clinic and Research Program at Rush University Medical Center in 1992 and has provided care to over 800 patients with fragile X syndrome (FXS). She conducts research on FXS, including genotype-phenotype, molecular, biomarker, outcome measure, and natural history studies, and clinical trials. She has expanded this clinical and translational work to other neurogenetic diseases in the past 10 years, including work on PMS, NPC, Angelman syndrome, Rett syndrome, Batten’s disease, PKAN, and creatine transport deficiency. She has led the effort to develop new targeted treatments for FXS and other genetic neurological diseases, including antisense oligonucleotides and gene therapy, and has implemented novel trial designs, including N-of-1 trials.