Hear about the SSBP Conference from our Student Members

Hear from our Student SSBP Members

What's it really like to go to the SSBP Conference? We asked some of our student members to talk about their experiences.

I’ve really enjoyed the fact that there’s been such a variety of research at the conference, with basic science and more direct research with individuals.

It can be tricky to study a rare neurodevelopmental disorder, and then you come to a conference like this, and hear all the talks and all the experts speaking, and you realise there’s so many ways to go about it.

I’m really grateful for this opportunity that has allowed me to share three intensive days of learning about approaches and methodologies. 

I’ve enjoyed the diverse range of topics that are covered…it really shows the interdisciplinary nature of the research that is going on.

It’s been a really good experience to come and speak at the SSBP conference – I really enjoyed giving my talk, and everyone was very supportive.

It’s such a welcoming environment, it’s a really friendly place to be presenting for some of the first times in my early career.

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