Conference Books

A Record of Past SSBP Conference Programmes

What our members and conference attendees have to say about the SSBP.

As a final year PhD student, attending the SSBP conference in Melbourne was a fantastic opportunity not only to present the findings of my research, but also to learn about the work of fellow researchers in the field. Through meeting other researchers, the conference has provided an avenue to further my career opportunities at a pivotal point.


The interdisciplinary nature of the conference gave a valuable insight into how the various disciplines complement each other to provide a comprehensive picture of behavioural phenotypes.

Being awarded the Les and Robbie Fountain bursary greatly assisted with travel costs allowing me to attend.

Effie Pearson

SSBP Student Bursary holder 2018

SSBP Conference Programme Books

Our conference programme books contain information about the SSBP along with the abstracts for both oral and poster presentations and a collection of syndrome sheets giving up-to-date information written by experts in the field.

24th SSBP International Research Symposium

Developmental Disorders and Behavioural Phenotypes Across the Lifespan

8 – 10 September 2022

Oslo, Norway

23rd SSBP International Research Symposium

9 – 10 September 2021


22nd SSBP International Research Symposium

Back to Basics in Behavioural Phenotypes: Insights from developing a detailed understanding of behaviour

4 – 6 September 2019

Birmingham, United Kingdom

21st SSBP International Research Symposium

Advancing the knowledge and translation of phenotypic understanding towards better outcomes for individuals with neuro-developmental disability.

28 – 30 August 2018

Melbourne, Australia

20th SSBP International Research Symposium

Genetic Disorders and Neurobehavioural Phenotypes

14-16 September 2017

Leiden, the Netherlands

19th SSBP International Research Symposium

Early/late-life adversities and behavioural phenotypes: insight into metabolomics, genomics and connectomics

9-11 September 2016

Siena, Italy

18th SSBP International Research Symposium

Behavioural Phenotypes from bench to bedside:

translation of basic science to clinical practice

3-5 September 2015

London, United Kingdom

17th SSBP International Research Symposium

Developmental Trajectories of Behavioural Phenotypes 

10-13 October 2014

New York, USA

16th SSBP International Research Symposium

The Fundamentals of Behavioural Phenotypes 

12-14 September 2013

Stellenbosch, South Africa


15th SSBP International Research Symposium

Social Phenotypes in Genetic Disorders 

11-13 October 2012

Leuven, Belgium

14th SSBP International Research Symposium

Translating Genetics to Phenotype: Implications for Management 

5-7 October 2011

Brisbane, Australia

13th SSBP International Research Symposium

Neurobehavioural Variability in Genetic Disorders 

23-25 October 2010

Pavia, Italy

12th SSBP International Research Symposium

Listening to Genetic Disorders: From Molecules to Management

14-16 October 2009

Cambridge, United Kingdom

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