Abstract Submission Information

Looking to present papers or posters? Abstract submissions are now open.

Key dates for Abstract Submission

Abstract submission opens
11th March 2019

The deadline for abstract submission
is 3rd May 2019

How to submit your abstract

Those wishing to present papers or posters must submit their abstracts to the SSBP via the conference website.


All abstracts accepted for oral presentations will appear in the Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. Abstracts must therefore comply with the JIDR Editoral Policy. Owing to the tight publication deadline of JIDR, late abstracts will not be accepted.


Please click the button below to submit via our online abstract submission system. Abstracts sent as emails or attachments cannot be accepted.


  • Each registrant may be the presenting author on only one oral presentation, but may also offer poster(s) for consideration.
  • Each registrant may offer one or more posters, but one of the presenters for each poster should attend in person.
  • Oral and poster presentations are subject to selection by the SSBP 2019 Scientific Committee.
  • It is not necessary for the author(s) to have registered for the SSBP 2019 research symposium prior to abstract submission, however the presenting author of an abstract selected for poster or oral presentation must register and pay a registration fee before the inclusion of their abstract can be confirmed.

Instructions for Authors

  • Your abstract must be no more than 300 words long (not including title, authors, institutions, addresses and keywords). Any abstracts exceeding this limit will be returned to the author to be amended. The text must accord with UK English spelling and be formatted as a single paragraph. Do not add line breaks using HTML tags.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the SSBP Conference Team.
  • In accordance with JIDR policy, your abstract must contain Background, Methods, Results, Conclusion. These should outline the questions investigated, the design, essential findings, the main conclusions of the study. Keywords (up to six) should be included to give a clear indication of the abstract content. These sub-headings have been added to the abstract text field for you.
  • Do NOT include funding source(s), references or citations in your abstract.
  • Abbreviations used in the abstract should be expanded the first time they are used.
  • It is NOT possible for tables of results or figures to be included in an abstract.
  • Please use only plain text in your abstract (letters, numerals and spaces).