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SSBP 2023 Posters

Poster Presentations

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Poster Number Title Presenting Author
1. Fragile X-Associated Neuropsychiatric Disorders (FXAND) in Young Fragile X Premutation Carriers Ramkumar Aishworiya
2. The importance of distinguishing within- and between-person effects in natural history studies of Genetic Conditions Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders Tanvi Das
3. Co-occurrence of Anxiety & Autism in Fragile X Syndrome Anna Douglas
4. Translation of International Registries to Improve Understanding of Diagnostic Patterns and Access to Diagnostic Services in Angelman Syndrome Honey Heussler
5. Engagement in a behavioral intervention for toddlers with tuberous sclerosis complex Carly Hyde
6. An Exploration of the Neurodevelopmental Phenotype of Two Patients with 48,XXYY During Infancy T. Alysandra Jackson
7. Evaluation of the MAP-DB among Individuals with SCN2A Aaron Kaat
8. Listening to people living with PWS across the world Kamila Lipiec
9. Evaluation of Circadian Rhythm in SYNGAP1-Related Intellectual Disability Lindsay Mizen
10. A Comprehensive Investigation in the Anthropometric Measurements of Males with 47,XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome) from 6-18 years Kara Schmidt
11. Molecular Biomarkers as Susceptibility/Risk of Development, Progression and Severity of FXTAS Flora Tassone
12. Longitudinal phenotyping results from the first natural history study of creatine transporter deficiency Audrey Thurm
13. A clinical behaviour checklist for children with intellectual disability and complex needs. Hayley Trower
14. Assessing cognitive flexibility with an adapted reverse categorisation task in young children with Down syndrome Kaylyn van Deusen
15. PROM4RARE: Measuring What Matters For Individuals With Rare Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders Nadia van Silfhout
16. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Obesity Type 1, Borderline Intellectual Functioning and KANSL1 Sequence Variation: A Case of Koolen de Vries Syndrome in an Adult Male Person Annapia Verri
17. A Qualitative Exploration of Parents’ Views About Wearable Devices for Research and Treatment Monitoring of Children with Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders Rachel Xifaras
18. IMAGINE -ID: Does Psycho-Social Support Predict Parental Mental Health Outcomes? Jeanne Wolstencroft
19. Using Eye Tracking to Examine Visual Social Attention in SYNGAP1-Related Intellectual Disability Damien Wright